Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's official...we're losing our home

It's official.  The sheriff showed up on our front step this afternoon to deliver the bad news.  Our home is going to be foreclosed soon.  The official date of the sheriff's sale is May 9th, and then we will have 6 months to be out.  We knew it was happening, as we haven't been able to pay the mortgage since Tim lost his job, but it is so much more real now that we have official papers in our hands.

Tears were shed around here today.  Our house is just like any other small starter house in the suburbs, but we love our neighborhood.  We live on a wonderful cul-de-sac with over a dozen kids.  Our kids are happy to play outside with all their friends any time they are able.  Our neighbors are so great, and we will miss them and the true neighborhood feel terribly.

We worked so hard to buy this house, and it's the only home our children have ever known.  We are so upset that this illness has stolen this from us too.

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