Sunday, July 13, 2014

We trashed almost all of our life's belongings-Mold Saga Part 2

Good bye, nice little house.  Sniff, sniff :-(
(Read Part 1 here)

Yesterday was a hard day.  Our house has been sitting empty for a few months now as we live with Tim's parents, but all our stuff was still there.  Since it is now poison to us, it all had to be thrown away.  We tried to keep some things, but time will tell if we are actually able to do that.

There is still a bunch of stuff in the garage because the 30 yard (huge!) dumpster was full.  I guess that happens when you put all the beds, couches, tables, bookshelves, toys, books, and everything else from a family of 5 into a box.  It was awful watching all of our stuff going into that dumpster.  Of course, stuff can be replaced, but some of it is very expensive (particularly considering we are on month 14 of having no income...), and some of it is irreplaceable.  Our kids were so sad to see all of their books, toys and school projects thrown in the trash :-(

We still have work to do on the house and garage to get things cleaned up as much as we can before we are out of there completely, but we just walked away from at least 80% of our earthly belongings.  I'm so glad my real treasures are in Heaven.  This has been agonizing.  Especially since we have no idea if or when we will ever have income again.

We are so thankful for my little brother and his friend  who gave up a whole Saturday to come haul junk out of our house.  They were going strong for a couple hours but then they needed to ask us for respirator masks (that we wear anytime we're in the house) because the house was making them sick too.  It was very telling to us that our house made 2 young, strong, healthy guys sick after a short amount of time.  It was more evidence for us that we made the right decision getting our family our of that toxic place.

In case you want to know what a whole house of garbage looks like, here you go:

They aren't the best pictures, but I wasn't able to get any others.