Friday, February 8, 2013

Hotel Living

A sweet friend asked how we're doing, so I thought I'd share a quick update with anyone else who might be wondering :-)

Almost a week in the hotel so far. House is coming along. They found a bunch of mold in our house, which we weren't surprised about. We have to have that remediated before we can move back into our house, which is totally separate from the insurance claim. That adds a big headache, but it seems that that could be the cause of Tim not getting better. He's pretty much worse than he was 3 years ago, and that makes sense if the mold has been growing for a while. It's a huge and complicated process, but our parents are helping us navigate it all. We're hopeful that taking care of that should help a lot. We had our dr appt yesterday. We had to do a conference call instead of going in because Tim was too sick to go, but it went pretty well over all. We got a lot of info, and it was a huge deal for us to find out that our Lyme dr is somewhat of an expert in the correlation of Lyme and mold toxins. That is really Providential. He is able to help us heal our bodies and give us advice about rehabbing our house. Regarding Lyme treatment, he said he likes to see people on a PICC for a minimum of 9 months if possible, and I'm 2 months in. Tim will likely need a PICC in the next month or 2 also, so that should be an adventure. There is a lot on our plates right now, but at least we feel like we have some direction and maybe even some hope.