Monday, March 18, 2013

Month 1 on the PICC

Today marks a month since Tim got his PICC, so we wanted to give a quick update.  He has been through a lot in this last month, starting with a horrible experience getting the PICC put in.  Then we moved immediately on to a bad skin reaction that lasted a couple weeks, with a lot of nasty herxing thrown in the mix.  His skin reaction seems to have resolved, so we are very thankful for that.

He was doing well enough the other day to take a little walk down to the end of our relatively short driveway.  This is the same guy who used to run 5 miles after working a strenuous job on his feet all day and then play basketball and lift weights for the rest of the night.  Baby steps.  We're hoping to see that strong athletic guy back here again some day, but for now we will celebrate the victory of walking to the end of the driveway without spending the rest of the day in pain.

He woke up this past Saturday with some sort of pinched nerve in his neck/back and has been in severe pain with that.  It's too bad too, because he had some periods of relief from the Lyme symptoms during the same time.  Things could have been looking up a little if he could have moved his neck at all.  We got him into the chiropractor first thing this morning so we're looking forward to his neck being functional again soon.

We go in to the hospital tomorrow to get his first dose of the new medication he is adding.  He has been doing only Rocephin for the last month, and he will be adding in Doxycycline in addition to the Rocephin for the next month or two.  We are required to do the first dose of any new infusion medication in the hospital in case of any negative reaction.  We are expecting to see some more herxing with the addition of this new medication.  However, our doctor said that people often see good improvement of symptoms relatively quickly on this medication, so we are hopeful about that.  We are also hopeful that *if* spring ever comes to these parts, being able to get fresh air and sun will help not only our physical symptoms, but morale as well.

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