Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Big Fat Disaster

That's what yesterday was. We showed up to the hospital for what was supposed to be a routine infusion, and within 10 minutes everything went haywire. Out of nowhere Tim went pale, he couldn't breathe, his heart rate and blood pressure were elevated, and he was shaking involuntarily. Suddenly the room was full of nurses. They stopped the medication drip and replaced it with saline, hooked him up to oxygen and did an emergency EKG.

Once they got him stable enough in the infusion center they sent him down to the ER to be monitored. The ER doctor talked to our Lyme specialist about his reaction so he is aware of what is going on. They monitored him for a while and then we eventually made it home with 10 minutes worth of a one hour infusion. We are so traumatized.

My sister was here watching the kids while we were at the hospital, and we had an impromptu sleep-over with her in case we needed to run back to the ER at any point through the night. Thankfully, the night was uneventful and Tim has been able to rest peacefully.  He is still feeling very tired and weak today from the ordeal.

We are trying to determine the best course of action with Tim's treatment and it is so frustrating. He is currently just on the Rocephin. We were so hopeful that the new medication might be our answer, but his body is just too fragile to handle it on top of the other IV medication.  The past few weeks have been really hard for him as his body tries to adjust to the new medication.  We are waiting to hear back from our doctor's nurse today to figure out the next step.

Tim has never been as physically fragile as he is right now. We have spent years getting our hopes up each time he starts a new treatment, each time he sees a new doctor, and each time he feels some improvement, as if each new doctor or medication is our savior. This is causing us even more to realize our need for our true Savior.  We are praying for his healing of course, but even more, we are praying that God will grant us contentment in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.

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