Monday, February 18, 2013

PICC is in

We arrived at the hospital around noon today for Tim to get his PICC put in.  I wasn't sure if or how long I would be able to stay with Tim given my current health situation, so we were very thankful that Tim's dad was able to meet us at the hospital and help us through the rough time.

Everything seemed fine as we were getting checked in and talking with the nurses.  The doctor (who happened to be the same doctor who placed my PICC less than 3 months ago) was very nice and came in to talk with us before the procedure at our request.  When Tim had his PICCs before he had several complications, mainly revolving around being allergic to everything.  Because of that, we had to bring our own specially ordered bandages from home and request that they use a different skin cleaner than they normally do.  They also ended up having to stitch the line into his arm because he is allergic to Statlocks, which are normally used to keep the line in place. 

According to the doctor, the placement itself went well.  However, Tim had a hard time tolerating it because he was very sick and weak during and after the procedure.  After the PICC was in, he had to go down to the infusion center to have his first dose of the antibiotic Rocephin.  That was uneventful.  That is the medication he was on last time, so we suspected he would tolerate it fine.  In the coming weeks he will likey add in another medication or 2.

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  1. Glad the picc is in. Wishing you guys all the best as you adjust to this!