Thursday, February 14, 2013

PICC Consultation

Today we had Tim's doctor's appointment to discuss plans for his PICC.  It was awful to get there with how Tim was doing and we almost didn't make it, but we ended up making it there and through the appointment.  This was a new doctor for Tim, though I have seen her once in the past.  The appointment itself went well, and Tim liked the new doctor.  He had a bunch of labs drawn so we are waiting to get the results back on those.

His hospital appointment is scheduled for noon on Monday.  Tim is really stressed out about that, but we are so hopeful that this will help him get over this current hurdle.    The doctor is pulling out the "big guns" and we're expecting big things.  Our doctor said that it typically takes about 3 months on IV to get over the initial horrible-ness, and that is basically what I have experienced.  So, Tim will likely have a very rough next few months, but we are hopeful that he will be well enough to go fishing, play basketball with the kids, and all the other things he enjoys by summer time.  Please pray with us that that will happen.  He has been in such bad shape and really needs a breakthrough.


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  2. I have a friend who has a teenage daughter with Lyme, it is horrible. Currently they are going from state, to state, to state in search of treatment. One thing my friend said that is helping is detoxing with an ionizer on a regular basis. I'm glad I found your blog I am going to send her link maybe you can help each other. Also I recently bought a book called The Herbal Drugstore which includes some natural ways of dealing with Lyme, may the Lord guide you.

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    1. Hi Joyce. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's daughter. This is such a horrible disease, and I always hate to hear of teenagers and college students suffering when they should be starting out their life :-( Thank you so much for your suggestions. We do have an ionizer but we're not very consistent with using it. I haven't heard of that book. It sounds really interesting. I'm really into natural health and spend a lot of time studying it. I would love to speak with your friend if she wants to connect. I'm always open to talking with new Lyme people :-) Also, if you or she want to follow us on Facebook, we are better about posting more frequent updates there. God Bless :-)

  3. My friend said she visited the blog and could not find a way to personally message you. If you would like to converse with her you could send me an email with your email address, byfaith71112 @ yahoo dot com.

    It has been bad for daughter at times, and even harder due to the fact they are a rodeo family. For years no doctor would even diagnose her with Lyme, her mom searched high and low for doctors until finally after, I think 4 years, she was diagnosed. I must say she stayed strong even during bad episodes.